Crisis Media Training

Managing the organizational aspects of a crisis is stressful enough. Unfortunately, you may have the added tension of representing your organization and interpreting its policies and actions for reporters.

How successfully you handle your relations with the media may make the difference between a major "public relations disaster" and enhancing both your company's image and your career. There is a "wrong" way and a "right" way to handle relations with the media.

This Crisis Media Training workshop focuses on the need for successful interaction with the media. It’s a hands-on workshop, with extensive use of videotape feedback, giving participants the tools necessary to work with the media during a crisis. After completing training, your employees will have the skills necessary to confidently and correctly manage media contacts. Includes 6 e-learning videos.

Workshop Feedback:

“Well formatted and amazingly run. The instructor was extremely good at showing what to do, and what not to do in a crisis situation. I would highly recommend her and the class to all business professionals."

Jermey Hedrick Sales - Sandvik