Upcoming Presentation Training Seminars

Please note: Due to the continued presence of Covid-19 we have suspended face to face training for the present. We do continue to offer virtual instructor led online training delivered safely and securely to your desktop or laptop.. For more information, or to book a seat please contact us.

"This class introduced many techniques that I can incorporate into my presentations in the future to be more structured and to better communicate the meaning of what I am presenting."

Lyndsey Hucko, HR Systems Specialist - Winnipeg, Manitoba

"Excellent course! The instructor provided us with great tools that allow us to take our presentation skills to the next level. I feel much more confident in being able to close more details."

Brian Smoot - Houston, Texas

"It really aided in overcoming the nervousness that typically happens during a presentation and brought to light the need to know your material and practice it seemlessly. "

Jessica Atherley, Quality Manager - Salt Lake City, Utah

"Instructor was great, good constructive criticism, great pointers for ways to improve presentation skills on an individual basis"

Tyler Clayton, Graduate Engineer - Houston, Texas

"Instructor was great! Absolutely fantastic. Very knowledgeable and detail oriented. She provided very valuable tools to help me."

Abigail Canlas, Sales - New York, New York

"I learned many ways that I can improve my presentation techniques"

Kaitlin Bahr - Houston, Texas