Testimonials and Client Feedback

"The workshop was wonderful and certainly worth every cent. The Instructors were great with a lot of enthusiasm for what they were teaching and interest in helping each one of us. Now I am actually excited about giving presentations and putting everything I learned in the seminar to work. In fact I gave a presentation at work last Thursday and felt much more confident in my ability to communicate with my audience. I found the video tape review of my presentations very helpful in helping to identify unnecessary hand motions and awkward body language. Also helpful were the little tips that that make a difference between a medicore presentation and an exceptional one. I plan on purchasing a video camera in the next couple of weeks to record both my practice sessions and my live presentations. Attending the workshop was one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made and I will enthusiastically endorse this workshop to others. "

Jim Ghiorzoe, Compliance Officer, Expeditors International - Dallas, Texas

"I would recommend this course to anyone. The instructors were fun, engaging, and know their stuff. They presented the information in a non-intimidating way and broke everything down to make it easy to remember."

Brigitte Burgoyne, Communications and Digital Media Specialist Winnipeg, Manitoba

"This is one of the best presentation skills classes that I've attended. I think the hands on and videos were key. You can listen all day long to someone, but to get up and put into practice what you've been taught adds a whole new element. "

Michele Martin, Property Manager Dallas Texas

"The instructor was engaging and absolutely spot-on in demonstrating, through her own actions, the value of great presentation techniques. Her positive reinforcement kept the group excited and engaged for the entirety of the session."

Ricky Medina, Senior Manager, Business Development - Washington, DC

"I have been to many communication courses throughout my career (a 6 week program at University of Calgary, a 5 day course at Mount Royal College and mulitiple trainings sessions). By far the best training for presentations I have every received"

Linda LeClaire, Permits & Regulatory Coordinator Calgary Alberta

"The instructors were outstanding I learned more in two days then I did in four years in college. "

Michael Cameron , Trainmaster, Selkirk, New York

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how impressed I was with this course! It gave me more confidence and a comfort level as a speaker. I also learned many techniques on how to engage the audience. I was fortunate to learn many styles, and was very pleased working with the instructor and his natural talent of speaking and how he brings objects to life right in front of you! Thanks a million, and in the future, I would enjoy another class from your company. This will definitely help me in my career and other aspects."

Sonia Gudino, Marketing Specialist, Hispanocare, Chicago, Illinois

"I have learned skills I will directly implement in my day to day meetings, training and presentations. It was hard to watch my own recordings but worth it for what I learned. My improvement was amazing in 2 days."

Jennifer Trann, Manager, MIS Service Desk Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I really enjoyed the presentations class. Michael is an excellent instructor. I really enjoyed the chance to practice the different techniques in a cumulative manner. It helped in retaining the materials taught. The peer and instructor critiques were great, too."

Barry Oates, Medical Science Liaison Pharmacyclics, Boston, Massachusetts

"I have been practicing my new skills in every meeting I attend. Using my power position, pausing and large gesturing to bring my words to life. I still remember Paula's quick wit and gesturing instructions like it was yesterday. I have kept in touch with two participants, one of which I spoke to yesterday. Hopefully, the introduction I gave him will turn into a referral partner for him. They are in complementary businesses."

Mary, Greater Houston Partnership, Houston, Texas

"The class was excellent. The structure of the presentations and addressing different personalities were two of the most critical pieces I learned. When I told my team I had taken a 90-slide presentation and reduced it to 10 minutes and 5 slides using the new structure, my manager requested I present this for the team at our next meeting. (Still to be scheduled.) I even went to a Toastmasters meeting and am considering joining for the practice."

Leslie Joseph, Senior Research Analyst San Diego Union-Tribune

"I sat in on the first day of the Presentation class, and both instructors did a fine job. The ASIA process is memorable, and Steve is working with the coaches to ensure that they use it. So, thanks very much for sending good people to facilitate the class!"

Karen Nice, The Sacramento Bee Training Manager, Sacramento, California

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you both for your patience and understanding throughout the last two days. Your training has helped me in ways that you don't even know. Again thank you so much!"

Diane Smyser, WorldTravel BTI Acct Mgr/Op's Mgr, Dallas, Texas

"I enjoyed the presentations class and it did go well. We had a lively and fun group. For me it was particularly interesting to see my gestures taped. I learned the most from that aspect of the class. I have already recommended the class for those in need."

Gordon Cervenka, Vice President and General Manager ChannelAdvisor, Raleigh, North Carolina

"The Effective Presentations course was wonderful! It really shows how to make an effective presentation that is useful. The techniques are simple but the results are outstanding. I will be happy to recommend this unique course to anyone, just have them, call me."

Pat E. Murdock, Director of International Sales, Sales Tool, Houston, Texas

Thank you for your message. I indeed enjoyed the course. The trainer was very good and the class size was perfect. I will recommend your course to my colleagues."

Bor van der Weerden CFA Dresdner Bank Lateinamerika AG, General Manager, Grand Cayman Branch

"I learned many new concepts and gained live experience at planning, preparing and giving a presentation. Your training techniques are well thought out and effective...I can honestly say your seminar on Effective Presentations is the best seminar I have ever attended."

Richard Gorenson, Supervisor King County Medical Blue Shield,   Seattle, Washington

"We have successfully completed your Effective Presentations course for twenty-four technical personnel. They rated the course and instructor as excellent. She did a great job, she is enthusiastic, experienced and capable. No-one got bored and the format worked out well for us.".

W. L. Donnelly, Vice-President Coastal Oil and Gas Corporation, Houston, Texas

"Your expertise and enthusiasm was very much appreciated in learning to give Effective Presentations...I have recommended your class to my peers."

Stan Campbell Area Sales Engineer Sales Tool, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"Wow! Are you truly aware of the powerful weapons which you have given us? In today's highly competitive business environment, this course represents an arsenal of organization that will be of enormous benefit to anyone who learns to use it effectively."

T. M. Smith Investment Executive Rauscher Pierce Refsnes, Inc., Houston, Texas

"The content of this course is evenly distributed, but still covers every presentation aspect. The video taped presentations and the personal feedback were the very best ways to learn. I got skills I couldn’t even imagine!"

German Pieto Hapag-Lloyd, Miami, Florida

"The most amazing aspect of this program for me was how I built confidence with all the given tips and all the gestures that make the presentation much more explicit. It was very intense, but a lot was achieved and overall it was a wonderful experience."

Loubna Hakimi ENI Petroleum, Houston, Texas

"The instructors/speakers were great - they were caring, tough, humorous and they made the class educational and enjoyable."

Mercedes Garcia Marketing Asst Austin Texas

"Both instructors were great! I definitely saw the difference in my presenting skills from the first video and saw how presenting is a useful skill to "sell" whatever it is you are presenting"

Stephanie Christian South East Regional Manager AUSTIN Texas