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Presentation Training Classes and Seminars

Our award winning presentation training seminar will greatly enhance your staff's ability to deliver their message to both internal and external customers.

Effective Presentation Training: Our presentation training seminar will improve your presentation skills whether you are persuading, educating, or informing your audience. This highly interactive training course focuses on professional business communication including preparation, structure, delivery, and strategy, use of visual aids, and handling questions and answers.

Our presentation training class is the most highly participatory and personalized course of its kind. Participants have two senior level instructors to help them learn and practice fundamental and advanced presentation skills. There are 10 digitally recorded personal presentation situations and each of the 10 presentation situations is followed by personalized one-on-one feedback from a senior instructor to guarantee progress and eliminate any distracting behaviors.

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Effective Presentation Training Seminar

What do you learn in our seminars?
Learn how to:

  • Present technical information clearly, concisely, and persuasively to meet audience needs.
  • Enhance voice projection, articulation, pace and fluency, body language, eye contact, and gestures are learned in all of our presentation seminar situations.
  • Determine audience attitudes and needs throughout the presentation training course.
  • Overcome nervousness, anxiety, and any distracting mannerisms in all presentation situations.
  • Use both common and high-tech media effectively through practice.
  • Implement persuasive communication techniques where needed.
  • Project control and confidence in specific presentation skills training exercises.
  • Plan and develop complete, formalized product presentations around the market forces that affect business.
  • Structure presentations to gain maximum effect.
  • Practice and use audience involvement techniques to identify and handle questions.
  • Set up an ongoing action plan to improve future presentation training on the job.

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