How to Resonate With Your Audience

The number one fear in the world is not death, nor terrorism. The number one fear in the world is public speaking.

Why would standing in front of an audience or in front a small group of people be so intimidating? The answer lies in your commitment to excellence.

You have often been told, "It is hard to argue with excellence." The bottom line is excellence should be the road you travel on in everything you do.

There are seven keys to resonating with your audience, they are listed as follows:

1. When presenting a speech ensure you understand the objective of the meeting, in other words what are you trying to accomplish. Unless you know what your objective is, it will be very difficult to deliver a dynamic speech.

2. Know who you are. Knowing who you are means you are comfortable with yourself, resulting in you being comfortable in front of your audience.

3. Research your topic with conciseness. This is the leave no stone unturned approach to your subject matter. In the end you will be able to deliver a comprehensive speech that leaves no questions unanswered.

4. Practice until you know your speech backwards. This is a technique I use to get in synch with my presentation. Practice with the end in mind.

5. Delivering effective presentations have a direct correlation with your ability to lead others. Improve your leadership skills and you also improve your presentation skills, they go hand in hand.

6. The day before your next speech stand in front of your family, staff, or the mirror and deliver your speech, time it, and anticipate any questions that may be asked.

7. Own the presentation and or speech. In other words allow your true self to flourish and you will win over your audience no matter what the subject is.

Your message will resonate with your audience because you have put in the work. The work is research, practice, and what is called a commitment to excellence.

Paul Lawrence Vann is CEO of Laurel Wreath Communications Incorporated, a professional speaking, training, coaching, and publishing company. He is the author of Living on Higher Ground: How to live with passion, motivation, and joy. Contact Paul at (800) 476-8976 or Visit his website at []