Do You Have Too Much Material?

Have you ever attended a workshop and listened as the presenter raced through their PowerPoint slides and said "I only have a few minutes left and there is so much I have to cover?"

Or if they did not do PowerPoint they looked at their watch and shifted a stack of papers and said, 'I am running out of time?"

Well, how did you feel? I mean did you really think you would remember all that they said? Did you resign yourself to thinking, "No problem, I will just review the notes later in the bathroom." (smile)
How do you, as a presenter deal with this kind of thing?

Well, my suggestion is to PLAN and CHILL.

By planning I mean to decide ahead of time what you can do with the time that you have allotted. By CHILL I mean to relax and not fret because you responded to someone who had a burning question that needed an answer.
You see you can plan for interruptions. You can decide what the critical points that need to be covered and resort to them if you get distracted by the audience.


You can ask your audience to hold the questions until a PLANNED TIME in your presentation. Or, have them record the questions-give them to you with their phone number on it for a follow-up call.
Yes, you do want to give material for them to review. But be sure to take a few minutes to review the power pack of handouts and brochures they have so they will be excited about doing it.
Alert your participants to the fact that you WILL NOT COVER ALL THE MATERIAL during the scheduled time. However, you are providing it as a personal resource.

The bottom line is to treat your participants as you want to be treated.

Rosemary horner is an inspirational keynoter, trainer and presentation skills coach at www.Rosiehorner.Com [http://www.Rosiehorner.Com].