United Capital Requests Exceptional Presentations Training by The Presentation Training Institute

United Capital, the first and largest Financial Life Management firm in the nation, has requested that The Presentation Training Institute lead an Exceptional Presentations training session for its staff. United partnered with Baker several years ago, when they selected PTI to deliver an Exceptional Presentations training seminar for their financial advisors and to create a presentation readiness certification program for internal use. The firm has now returned to their trusted training partner, knowing from experience that PTI's client-focused representatives will work closely with them to meet their needs.

Senior-Level Instructors and Presentations Experts from The Presentation Training Institute will deliver the workshop for United Capital staff. Participants in this intensive presentations training event will benefit from training on clear presentation structure for the opening, body, and closing using the ASIA format (Audience hook, Solution, Ideas, and Action request). Attendees will learn how to analyze their audience's needs, and how to design their presentation to better communicate their message to their listeners. They will also have the opportunity to learn and practice key delivery skills, and will benefit from expert coaching by Baker trainers based on a series of videotaped practice presentations that will be conducted during the class.

About the Presentation Training Institute

Our award winning presentation seminar will greatly enhance your staff's ability to deliver their message to both internal and external customers. Our presentation training seminar will improve your presentation skills whether you are persuading, educating, or informing your audience. This highly interactive training course focuses on professional business communication including preparation, structure, delivery, and strategy, use of visual aids, and handling questions and answers.

About United Capital

Founded in 2005 by Joe Duran, United Capital is the first and largest Financial Life Management firm, with more than 80 offices nationwide and more than $16 billion in assets under management. Their purpose is to improve people's lives by bringing truth, understanding and discipline to the financial choices they make every day. United Capital has created simple, yet powerful tools and processes to uncover the "why" behind customers' money, so the firm can tailor advice, a financial plan and an investment strategy to help each client meet their life goals - not just their financial goals. United Capital's Financial Life Management approach goes beyond traditional financial planning and investment management to provide complete clarity, confidence and control in clients' financial life.