The Presentation Training Institute to Provide Exceptional Presentations Training for the University of California Merced

The University of California Merced, the newest campus in the University of California system, has turned to The Presentation Training Institute to provide Exceptional Presentations training for its staff. Senior-Level Instructors and Presentations Experts from The Presentation Training Institute will travel to UC Merced to deliver the onsite workshop. During this highly interactive training experience, participants will gain experience using fundamental presentation tools such as the ASIA Opening (Audience, Idea, Solution, and Action Request) introductory format to quickly catch the interest of the audience. They will learn and practice advanced public speaking techniques and refine their control of vocal tone, pitch, and gestures, to keep their presentations lively and engaging. Attendees will also benefit from personal, one-on-one coaching, receiving expert feedback on ten video recordings of practice presentations delivered during the workshop.

About Presentation Training Institute

Our award winning presentation seminar will greatly enhance your staff's ability to deliver their message to both internal and external customers. Our presentation training seminar will improve your presentation skills whether you are persuading, educating, or informing your audience. This highly interactive training course focuses on professional business communication including preparation, structure, delivery, and strategy, use of visual aids, and handling questions and answers.

About the University of California Merced
UC Merced opened Sept. 5, 2005, as the newest campus in the University of California system and the first American research university of the 21st century. Situated near Yosemite National Park, the campus significantly expands access to the UC system for students throughout the state, with a special mission to increase college-going rates among students in the San Joaquin Valley. It also serves as a major base of advanced research, a model of sustainable design and construction, and a stimulus to economic growth and diversification throughout the region.