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The Presentation Skills Training Institute offers a variety of presentation training oriented seminars. Public speaking or presentation skills training programs are conducted at your location, at your convenience or through our open enrollment seminars in a city near you. Our public speaking and presentation training seminars or workshops can be made available throughout Washington, including Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Yakima.

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Exceptional facilitator. The course materials were well organized and the simulation exercises were great. The two day session is highly recommended for those who desire to increase their ability to give Effective Presentations

Jason BelserNFLPA Senior Director PA&D - Washington. DC

"I really enjoyed the tips on control of oneself (gestures) to emphasize the content of a talk. Our presenter was awesome; he really led by example and had a way of putting people at ease. Your company did such a fantastic job, in that much of the information that I learned was new and extremely useful."
Kevin Williamson, NOAA Fisheries, Geneticist - Seattle, Washington

"My favorite parts of the Effective Presentations program were the instruction on visual, vocal and verbal skills. I had such a great experience at this class and with your company. I very much enjoyed everything and learned a great deal."
Carlin McAuley, NOAA Fisheries, Fisheries Biologist - Manchester, Washington

"I learned many new concepts and gained live experience at planning, preparing and giving a presentation. Your training techniques are well thought out and effective...I can honestly say your seminar on Effective Presentations is the best seminar I have ever attended."

Richard Gorenson, Supervisor, King County Medical Blue Shield - Seattle, Washington  

PowerPoint Presentation Topics for Engineers

(Two Hours)

Engineering presentation topics are often centered on highly complex and rather difficult subject matter that is foreign to most not working in the engineering field. These topics can be further convoluted by poorly structured presentations that fail to take advantage of visual aids and PowerPoint slides to reinforce concepts. A great majority of engineers are not at fault as most don‘t have any idea how to effectively use PowerPoint to enhance their presentation topics. With solid instruction and presentation training, a hard-to-follow presenter can benefit tremendously and increase presentation and visual aid effectiveness.

Our two-hour PowerPoint Presentation Topics for Engineers training program is designed to teach engineers the ability to tap into the capabilities of PowerPoint when presenting complex topics to colleagues, customers or co-workers.

This training program enables engineers to focus on the use of a powerful presentation tool that is sometimes neglected during many presentations. Some engineers use PowerPoint grudgingly and simply fill each slide with multiple topics without focusing on structure. Others understand the importance of using PowerPoint but don‘t know how to tap into its many features to discuss complex topics. The informative PowerPoint Presentation Topics for Engineers training session utilizes various topics to focus on multiple aspects of PowerPoint usage including how to communicate with the audience when using slides, how to structure and lay out slides and how other tools such as Visio can strengthen a presentation topic. These valuable presentation skills can be used whether one has to lead a construction project status meeting or deliver a breakout session topic to fellow engineers.

Attendees practice by building PowerPoint slides they would ideally use within 60-90 days of attending the training class. Discussion sessions, exercises and other activities allow participants to put to use the skills taught in PowerPoint Presentation Topics for Engineers. This approach allows engineers to learn by doing so that PowerPoint skills can immediately be used in the workplace or in the field.

PowerPoint Presentation Topics for Engineers (Two Hours) participants will learn to:

  • Understand the proper usage of PowerPoint slides to reinforce topics
  • Learn what dangerous habits can turn PowerPoints into distractions
  • Avoid using PowerPoint slides as a crutch
  • Structure slides so as to reinforce the topic being presented
  • Understand how much information is damaging to a message
  • Use PowerPoints to overcome nervousness, anxiety and fear of public speaking
  • Communicate more effectively during slide usage
  • Build individual slides for use following the workshop
  • Structure a presentation to gain maximum effect
  • Build an action plan to enhance personal effectiveness via PowerPoint slides

Presentation Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled at your offices or through our open enrollment seminars, we do offer presentation skills training programs to the general public. Our public speaking and presentation training seminars or workshops can be made available throughout Washington, including Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Yakima.

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