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Presentation Skills Training Programs at Your Location or In Our Open Enrollment Seminars

The Presentation Skills Training Institute offers a variety of presentation training oriented seminars. Public speaking or presentation skills training programs are conducted at your location, at your convenience or through our open enrollment seminars in a city near you. Our public speaking and presentation training seminars or workshops can be made available throughout South Carolina, including Columbia and Charleston.

Contact us for more information or preview our upcoming open enrollment seminar schedule here. If you don't see your city listed please contact us to see if a seminar near you can be arranged.

"I was surprised how much you can improve your skills in just 2 days"
  Thomas Schlegel,Senior Buyer - North Augusta, South Carolina

"The part I valued the most about this program was the constant video feedback that we received. We had the opportunity to present so often; I felt as though I have learned and gained so much from this class. The staff was great and was so easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend this class, it is well worth it."

John Perry
Columbia Management
Regional Sales Director
Charlotte, South Carolina

"The tools and ideas presented to improve a presentation were so helpful; this had to be the part of the program that I found most useful and effective. Their team were so professional and did an exceptional job of thoroughly answering all the questions that were asked. I highly recommend this program to anyone."

Neel Patel
Columbia Management
Regional Sales Consultant
Charlotte, South Carolina

"I liked the videos demonstrated improvement in presentation skills, and group format. The instructors were great."

Ray Dunleavy
Market manager
BBA Fiberweb
Simpsonville, South Carolina 29306

"I liked the steps leading up to final presentation helped "crystallized" the process. The instructors were excellent! Pleasure to work with made the class very enjoyable."

Betty McVey
Unit Director
BBA Fiberweb
Simpsonville, South Carolina 29306

"I liked the tape feed back system and gestures practice. Vanessa and Mike were very friendly as well as well versed in subject matter. I would recommend upper management, HR, and R&D."

Kevin Dill
Market Manager
BBA Fiberweb
Simpsonville, South Carolina 29306

"I liked the feed back, practice, and feed back flow was good."

Sally Carnvale
Market manager
BBA Fiberweb
Simpsonville, South Carolina 29306

"I liked the feed back during and after video taping. The instructors were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and personable."

Dave Richardson
Director I. T.
BBA Fiberweb
Simpsonville, South Carolina 2930

"I liked the interactive and coaching sessions. They were great people with people skills."

Karen A. Moore
Sales Rep
BBA Fiberweb
Simpsonville, SC 29306

"I liked the hands on gestures plus use of visual aides. Mike and Vanessa did a great job."

Jim Briggs
Market manager
BBA Fiberweb
Simpsonville, SC 29306

Create and Lay Out PowerPoint Presentations

(Two Hours)

Many business presenters make it a common practice to utilize PowerPoint when called upon to communicate on the job. PowerPoint slides are commonly used in business presentations such as user group meetings, during product or service pitches at customer sites and in employee orientation programs. PowerPoints have become so common in the business world that one would be hard-pressed to find another presentation tool in use in a presentation environment. While there are those who are quite adept with using PowerPoint, even the most experienced presenter can use some assistance with the proper way to lay out and create PowerPoint slides. These power users simply need some tips and tricks on how to use the application to their advantage.

Our two-hour training program, Create and Lay Out PowerPoint Presentations is designed for experienced PowerPoint users who need that extra guiding hand in learning how to create the most effective slides for use in the classroom or the conference room. This is an advanced training session that focuses solely on how to create and lay out slides, not how to use PowerPoint.

The ability to create effective PowerPoint slides is sometimes lost on even the most experienced speakers. Some PowerPoint slides are convoluted and overflowing with too much information. We teach presenters how to create a presentation that will have the greatest possible impact on an audience. By building upon the existing PowerPoint presentation skills of participants, we focus on structure, layout, format, flow and how to create visually appealing slides.

The advanced Create and Lay Out PowerPoint Presentations program utilizes various teaching methods to reinforce the concepts we teach. These valuable PowerPoint presentation skills can be used whether one has to deliver a presentation only once or on a repeated basis. Attendees will learn by getting to create sample PowerPoint slides that can be implemented following the training session. Discussion sessions, exercises and other training activities allow participants to put to use the skills taught in Create and Lay Out PowerPoint Presentations. This approach enables participants to learn by doing so that PowerPoint skills are real and tangible.

Create and Lay Out PowerPoint Presentations (Two Hours) participants will learn to:

  • Build on existing PowerPoint skills to strengthen presentations
  • Learn how to create and lay out slides that add to a presentation‘s effectiveness
  • Effectively create slides so as to reinforce the topic being presented
  • Understand the importance of "white space" on a slide
  • Utilize design concepts to create visually appealing PowerPoint slides
  • Communicate more effectively when using PowerPoint slides
  • Create individual slides for use following the workshop
  • Structure the flower of a PowerPoint presentation to gain maximum effect
  • Understand what design flaws can detract from presentation effectiveness
  • Integrate skills to enhance personal effectiveness via future PowerPoint usage

Presentation Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled at your offices or through our open enrollment seminars, we do offer presentation skills training programs to the general public. Our public speaking and presentation training seminars or workshops can be made available throughout South Carolina, including Columbia and Charleston.

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