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The Presentation Skills Training Institute offers a variety of presentation training oriented seminars. Public speaking or presentation skills training programs are conducted at your location, at your convenience or through our open enrollment seminars in a city near you. Our public speaking and presentation training seminars or workshops can be made available throughout Hawaii including Honolulu, Maui and Kauai.

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Presentation Style Self-Assessment
(Two-Hour Session)

There are those of us who have the opportunity to make presentations on a regular basis on a professional, civic or social basis. Some presenters are accomplished speakers but need assistance building self-awareness of their personal presentation style. In fact, even those who regularly receive glowing reviews for their presentation ability occasionally need to take a self-assessment to evaluate their personal effectiveness.

Self-assessments enable presenters to step back and take an objective look at their personal communication skills and understand where improvements might be needed or changes should be made. The two-hour Presentation Style Self-Assessment training program is designed to provide a quick self-analysis of personal ability that leads to an action plan for future improvement.

Taught by a senior level instructor who models all concepts and topics discussed, our Presentation Style Self-Assessment is designed as an informative and fast-paced training program that will equip presenters with tools provide an immediate impact on their presentations. The self-assessment instrument we utilize helps identify personal communication skills and aligns findings with presentations best practices. A benchmark videotaped presentation helps reinforce discussions by enabling presenters to see themselves during an actual presentation. Coupled with the self-assessment instrument, participants will be able to take positive steps towards taking their presentations to the next level.

The Presentation Style Self-Assessment workshop will benefit those who must speak on a regular basis to diverse audiences or deliver one-off presentations to co-workers or business partners. All improvement concepts taught in this class are applicable to nearly any presentation situation. Seminar learning activities such as the self-assessment instrument, group discussions, exercises and other activities help reinforce the solid presentation skills already possessed by seminar participants.

Presentation Style Self-Assessment (Two-Hour Session) participants will learn to:

  • Utilize a self-assessment to gain an greater understanding of their ability
  • Compare their skills to best practices via the self-assessment instrument
  • Use specific tips to persuade audience members during a presentation
  • Implement tips enhance voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency
  • Utilize concepts to enhance body language, eye contact, and gesturing
  • Realize what habits are identified by the self-assessment as distracting
  • Project control and confidence through improved delivery skills
  • Identify negative mannerisms that may detract from a presentation
  • Implement persuasive oral communication techniques
  • Apply tips to build more effective presentation slides and visual aids
  • Build an action plan to enhance personal image for greater effectiveness

Presentation Training Seminars & Workshops: are scheduled at your offices or through our open enrollment seminars, we do offer presentation skills training programs to the general public. Our public speaking and presentation training seminars or workshops can be made available throughout Hawaii including Honolulu, Maui and Kauai.

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