Presentation Training Course

When it comes to marketing technical products and services, one of the biggest problems is that of getting your message across. Too often, the people in your company who really understand the technical design and capabilities of the product lack the presentation skills to promote the product to a marketplace populated by laymen. That is why we have developed our special, one-day Making Technical Presentations course. This program will help your representatives develop the skills they need to take complex technical information and turn it into an exciting, memorable, persuasive presentation.

Making Technical Presentations is a highly interactive, practice-driven course. Students will learn all of the basics of effective presentations, including posture, tone, pace and pitch. However, this class also goes beyond the basics to include some unique features. Special attention is paid to improving communication through the subtle channels of eye contact and body language. They will also learn how to tailor the style of the presentation so that it appeals to the key decision makers in the room. Finally, students will receive personal coaching and immediate feedback as they rehearse and deliver a series of ten digitally recorded mini-presentations. Because students practice skills as they learn them, they will walk away from the course with a complete presentation program that is refined and ready to deliver with maximum impact.


A very useful course for beginning presenters."

Jay Caputo
Margate, Florida 

Presentation Training Course

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