Effective Presentation Skills

Do you have sales people that know their product, know their customers, and seem to have all the necessary tools to be top producers, but just don't seem to deliver bottom line results? Is your sales team provided every opportunity and all the information to be big producers, but just don't give a presentation that results in more orders taken and more bottom-line results? Most of the problems sales people confront when making a presentation lie in the delivery of the message. Our Effective Presentation Skills seminar will teach your sales people how to give a presentation that leaves the customer begging to buy your product or services.


"Excellent facilitator. Enjoyed the class and learned new presentation skills. Would recommend to others in our company."

Barbara Garry, Lansing, Michigan

Excellent presentation course on improving your presentation skills, no matter how rudimentary or polished your speaking skills are. I found it very helpful and will greatly improve my presentations at work. 

Brent Van Slooten
Houston, Texas

Effective Presentation Skills

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  • Presentation Skills: The 6 Components of An Effective Presentation
    One ingredient common to top salespeople is the ability to consistently deliver effective presentations. An effective presentation moves a customer from their current position to a position of action.
  • Storytelling - A Leadership Development Tool
    If not, it's time to learn one of the most important presentation skills around to make sure you retain your power on the platform: strategic storytelling.
  • Presentation Skills: Giving an After Dinner Speech
    One of the toughest kind of speeches to make is an after-dinner speech since everyone will be feeling sleepy after their meal. And worse, they may not even give you their full attention. There are many things that can go wrong and as an after-dinner keynote speaker, there are a couple of things you have to observe in order to be successful or at the very least, to sit down without feeling embarrassed.
  • Presentation Skills: Bar Graphs and Presentations
    The old saying reminds us a picture is worth a thousands words. We can use words to describe a situation, but a picture really encapsulates the ideas we are trying to get across.
  • Bad Presentation Skills - How to Avoid Them
    Because of this need for information about bad presentation skills, below is a detailed explanation of everything done wrong in a presentation and why it's bad.
  • 5 Ways to Assess Your Performance
    It is always useful to reflect on your presentation skills during each presentation, to try to identify aspects that went well and, of course, what went wrong.
  • How to Land Speaking Gigs & Grow Your Client List
    Speaking to a group is one of the best ways to strut your stuff. It gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and presentation skills.
  • The Audience Wants To Like You
    Presentation skills are all about sharing and a great presentation can delicately balance the powers of credibility, evidence, and passion with information sharing. Implement these principles and you are set-up to succeed immensely.
  • High Energy Results
    When we start strong with good presentation skills we're more likely to continue strong.
  • Using Stories to Inform and Influence
    When he delivered it the staff seemed interested and paid attention. He used all his presentation skills, but he didn't feel it made any 'real' impact.
  • Effective Speaking In Any Setting
    Wanting to do it is only half the battle. I had to work on my presentation skills through practice and use of good speaking techniques.
  • Speak With Success!
    Learn to speak with the voice of success. It is the most basic of your presentation skills. Your voice represents you and gives you power.
  • Presentation Involves Your Very Vital Career Success
    Presentation skills are everything. Take care of the details and the details will take of you - shined shoes, neat office, pressed and neat clothes, clean and orderly office and the details will take care of you.
  • Top Seven Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills
    Anyone aspiring to work in an executive capacity must to have refined presentation skills, unless of course you are the President of the United States.
  • Proof Positive: A Good Story Can Be Telling
    When you do, you'll find that story-telling is one of the powerful presentation skills that differentiate you from your competition.
  • How Metaphor Governs Our Lives
    What came over you? How did it affect your presentation skills? Could it have been a little piece of brain software playing itself out without you being consciously aware of it?
  • Non Verbal Communication and Presentation Skills
    Presentation skills, conversation skills and writing skills are the three keys to effective communication. In this post, I'd like to focus on some tips for using non verbal communication to improve your presentation skills.
  • Competitor Evaluation When Writing Proposals
    You won't win every piece of work you pitch for; it's just not possible...and very time you lose a contract it's going to a competitor. However, you can help prevent this from happening by analysing the competition.
  • Presentation Skills: Outstanding Presentations Start in the Mind
    So what do great speakers do to prepare themselves to be great presenters? They prepare their minds to give a great presentation. That’s right; it all starts in your mind. How can you develop a great speaker’s mindset and start giving outstanding presentations? The following are five secrets for powerful public speaking:
  • Using Humor Images And Cartoons as Presentation Skills
    Any public speaker who has faced a crowd of listeners knows that humor has a great effect and brings out a point like nothing else.
  • Presentation Skills: What Does Your Body Language Tell the World?
    If your business requires you to travel internationally, or meet regularly with people of other countries, are you aware of what your gestures and body language are communicating? We all know that different cultures have different gestures and different levels of comfort with certain body language, but do you know the specifics for the nationalities you deal with?
  • How to Give Great Presentations at Work
    To develop great presentation skills, which you will need, especially if you are a Six Sigma professional, you need to understand the anatomy of a great presentation.
  • Presentation Skills: Presence and Charisma
    Why is it that some people are always noticed, and others seem to vanish away into the woodwork? Why do some individuals become "people magnets," who can persuade others with a few choice words? The answers to these questions are of importance to anyone hoping to advance in life and to have satisfying relationships. They are Presence and Charisma.
  • Learn How To Dress Up Your Presentation Skills
    One of the easiest ways to dress up your presentation and make it stand out among others is done by simply applying graphics to the item you are presenting.
  • Presentation Skills: Introducing New Ideas or Innovations
    Taking into consideration the resistance to new ideas and new ways of doing things, how can one assure the success of his new approach? Or if one has a new idea on how to do anything new, what kind of a business or sponsorship can he search for?
  • Does Your Sales Presentation Have What it Takes?
    How well do you present yourself and your company to a prospect? Are you too busy bashing your competition to tell your prospect what YOU have to offer? Stop telling your prospects that you're the best choice and show them you are with an approach that your competition won't be able to duplicate! Forget about the competition!
  • Presentation Skills: When You have Something Important to Say
    How to emphasize the key points of your presentation so your audience hears, digests and remembers it.
  • Grand Opening: The Key To Great Presentations
    Whether you are speaking in front of a civic group or making a sales presentation, your opening can make or break the deal.
  • Presentation Skills: Be More Productive Using a Facilitator Mode
    Facilitation is an exceptional skill, once you learn this skill you can boost your productivity and it can make you a better presenter.
  • Presentation Skills - How to Remember Your Speech Without Memorizing
    These tips will help you achieve total recall of your talk
  • Presentation Warriors: Sales and Marketing Executives Versus 12-Year-Olds>br>Recently I listened to a group of senior sales and marketing executives speak at a networking meeting. I also served as a judge at a speech contest for 12-year-olds. These two unrelated events prompted me to compare the presentation skills of each group.
  • What?! 20 Grand for A Speech?!
    The reality is this: You can't sell sixty minutes worth of speaking for $30,000. But you can sell $30,000 worth of solutions to pain, delivered in 60 minutes.
  • Do Your Brand Justice - Use These Guidelines for All Presentations
    Presentations are one of the most direct, intimate and personal extensions of your brand. They are the heart and soul of all sales pitches and the foundations of excellent leadership. To truly do your brand justice; to have your organisation represented in the market by confident, competent speakers; these are the guidelines to prioritise: