Presentation Courses

  • Effective Presentations
    This highly interactive, hands-on program is the gold standard for presentation training. We go over all the basics – elocution, posture, pitch, tone, pace, etc. However, we also go deeper. We teach you the secrets of eye contact and body language that the pros use to add extra power to their words. We help you understand the psychology of how to reach your key listeners – the ones who will make the final decision. But the best part is the personal coaching you receive from our professional staff as you work your way through a series of 10 digitally recorded practice sessions. These sessions allow you to practice new techniques as you learn them so that when you complete the course, you will have a final presentation assembled, polished and ready to go.

  • Presentation Skills
    Effective Presentation Skills is our one-day seminar that focuses specifically on the skills necessary to give a presentation that will leave the customer asking where to sign up to get your product or services immediately. Participants learn through discussion, video taping, and extensive one-on-one feedback how to deliver a message with enthusiasm and charisma that result in more wins and more dollars.

  • Sales Presentations
    Sales Presentations will give participants the skills necessary to prepare for, create, and give a presentation on any subject for any audience. These skills can be utilized by all sales people - technical, non-technical, executive, and entry-level sales representatives.

  • Technical Presentations
    This presentation course will help your representatives develop the skills they need to take complex technical information and turn it into an exciting, memorable, persuasive presentation.

  • Handling Obstacles
    During this highly interactive, hands-on course, you will receive insights and instruction on how to respond to intrusive questions, how to conduct effective Q & A sessions that will build your credibility, how to project confidence and control in the face of controversy, and how to reply to questions during the body of your presentation without getting off track or losing your concentration.

  • Executive Presentations
    This seminar is designed for decision-makers and other executives who represent their organization and its policies at board meetings, corporate events, public venues, and before legislative committees.

  • Scientists and Engineers
    Our one-day "Scientists and Engineers Presentation Strategies" is designed to equip scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to deliver powerful, memorable presentations involving complex data or theories to non-specialists who need to understand such information.

  • Presentation Skills Consulting
    Presentation Skills Consulting is a high powered, one-day training seminar designed specifically for the Senior Executive who must present at the executive level. This course assists executives and professionals to dramatically improve their presentation performance by evaluating every element of a successful presentation. Through our personalized approach, presenters increase their effectiveness, confidence, and credibility.