Presentation Course

Scientists and Engineers Presentation Course

Often, there is just no substitute for getting your information straight from the mouth of the best experts and leading authorities in the field. However, many experts, especially in the technical sciences, are usually more comfortable in front of a microscope or a particle accelerator than they are in front of a packed boardroom.

Our one-day "Scientists and Engineers Presentation Strategies" course is designed to equip scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals to deliver powerful, memorable presentations involving complex data or theories to non-specialists who need to understand such information. The interactive practice-driven format of this course uses demonstrations, small-group and individual exercises, and personal coaching to help participants apply new skills as they learn them. As a part of the course, participants will create individual presentations and deliver during a series of ten videotaped exercises before a small audience. By the end of the class, participants will be able to design and deliver complex presentations with professional skill and confidence.


"This was one of the best presentation courses I have attended. The content and presenters kept me interested from start to finish and this is no easy feat considering my attention span. Well done."

Gary Tomasta, HR Manager
Lethbridge, Alberta  

Good course for learning presentation tips and improvements."

Katie Scarpelli
Chicago, Illinois  

Presentation Course

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