PowerPoint Presentation Training

Delivering important information efficiently and effectively during executive planning or review meetings is a critical function everyone on your team needs to be able to perform. Over the years, presenters have come to rely heavily on Microsoft‘s PowerPoint application to organize, package and present their information. However, PowerPoint is only as effective as the skills of the person deploying it. Many presenters rely on the fact they have put together a deck of slides to give their presentation credibility, and fail to think strategically regarding how the deck should be prepared and delivered.

Exceptional PowerPoint Presentation Skills is an interactive, practice-driven course designed to help you acquire and/or refine all the skills necessary to create and deliver a PowerPoint presentation that will have the persuasive impact you desire. Participants will learn best practices and receive personal coaching in how to successfully prepare, design and deliver a high-impact PowerPoint presentation to any audience in any setting.


Excellent content & presentation. Presenters provided superb examples of powerpoint techniques. "

Chris Brady
Solutions Consultant
Denver, Colorado  

PowerPoint Presentation Training

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