The Presentation Training Institute To Provide Effective Presentation Training Series for Granite Properties

Granite Properties, a privately held commercial real estate investment and management company, has contracted with The Presentation Training Institute to deliver an Effective Presentation training workshop for its property managers. A Granite associate attended a public training workshop by PTI and found the program so beneficial that the company subsequently requested a private, onsite training workshop for the property management team. Granite Properties hopes that the program will provide the management group with tools and techniques to support improved presentation and speaking skills.

Senior-Level Instructors and Presentations Experts from The Presentation Training Institute will travel to Dallas, Texas to train and coach Granite Properties‘ property managers. Participants in this highly interactive presentations training event will learn and practice essential public speaking techniques such as combating nervousness, controlling speed, and speaking at the proper pitch and volume to ensure maximum clarity. Attendees of the Effective Presentations training workshop will also learn and practice fundamentals such as identifying and flexing to others‘ Behavioral Styles in order to communicate more effectively. In addition, they will benefit from personal, one-on-one coaching, receiving expert feedback on ten video-recorded practice presentations delivered during the workshop.

About the Presentation Training Institute

Our award winning presentation seminar will greatly enhance your staff's ability to deliver their message to both internal and external customers. Our presentation training seminar will improve your presentation skills whether you are persuading, educating, or informing your audience. This highly interactive training course focuses on professional business communication including preparation, structure, delivery, and strategy, use of visual aids, and handling questions and answers.

About Granite Properties

Granite Properties is a privately held commercial real estate investment and management company with offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Los Angeles. Since 1991, Granite Properties has acquired or developed more than 20 million square feet of commercial real estate. Granite Properties is dedicated to creating exceptional work environments for tenants while conserving natural resources. Their commitment to green initiatives is evidenced in its many environmental awards and company projects that achieve LEED Certification or Energy Star. With an emphasis on office properties, the business is based on recognizing outstanding investment opportunities and maximizing their value.