Presentation Titles That Fill the Room

You have the perfect topic. You know exactly what you want to say. Now, you need a title that commands attention. What drives people to sign up for a workshop? Think about workshops or teleclasses that you've taken. What did you find compelling? Maybe you liked the topic - or realized it was something you needed to know. Maybe the title was so catchy you couldn't resist finding out what else this presenter might have to say.

Be catchy, but be clear. Your title should make it clear what the audience will learn and why it is important to know this. At the same time, you won't want to make your potential audience feel like they've gone back to school - remind them that learning can be fun.

Which of these would you sign up for?

Learn Money Management from A to Z

- or -

Financial Freedom in 10 Easy Steps

Planning and Designing a Workshop

- or -

60 Minutes Special - Using a One-hour Workshop to Build Visibility

In all four titles, the potential audience knows what they will learn, but in the second example in each pair, it sounds like they might have fun.

Keep your title short. If you need more than 10 words to explain what you will be doing, use a subtitle. One formula often used in creating book titles works well for workshops as well. The first part of the title is an attention-grabber; the second part - after the dash or colon - tells what the workshop is about. For example:

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-free Productivity
The Breaking Point: How Female Midlife Crisis is Transforming Today's Women
The One Thing You Need to Know ... About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success

Here are some teleclass titles that make you want to sign up:

Reclaim Your Health and Look and Feel Your Absolute Best!

Building a Thriving Network Through Masterful Connecting

Create an e-Product Today (Yes, Today!)

Each of these could be a great one-hour workshop. And each is something that draws 'em in.

Susan R. Meyer is a Life Coach and consultant specializing in clearing self-imposed barriers in life and at work. She draws on her twenty years experience in Training and Development, spent teaching presenters how to design and conduct workshops, in her programs including the One-hour Workshop e-course and the One-day Workshop e-course. Please visit her at or at for information about these courses and the new One-hour Workshop Workbook. You can contact her at

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